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COM Quanwenziban Guangdong Reading Volume XXV maintain Bliss Words: 2540 sheet, laughing quiet hands into ashes, a table full flutter triumphantly Sasa Montreal. Before I left Italy early cloud passing oath still ringing in the ears, but a mere few months time, but hurry to marry the princess of Sweden. A strange astringent meaning welling from the stomach to the base of the tongue at her, and she certainly knew early cloud meaning not because empathy decide Zhong second daughter married, she sneered,; vows that he will be so easy to power compromise, if not that day rolls raid, she chose him down the ages, really pushed himself a hopeless situation. “early bell four channel . interesting cloud meaning you bet again what” She tapped the table, said to himself. Jiang heavy dossier sent, in addition to cloud meaning the situation at the beginning,; but also appendix briefly bell four channel three generations, meaning she is unknown why the early clouds Zhong chose relations, alienate Zhong and Prince Or for the home forces the closing bell for its own purposes If so, I’m afraid to play his thinking does not ring, the bell for the Crown Princess of the female parent, as early as a few years ago is already diehard Prince Edward, Prince of cloud plume country intended Yan Yu who is the best at the art, very reliance Zhong, early cloud intended to get people with him,; no chance of winning. nothing, since he went to fight his throne, married his princess, really ridiculous after her ex here thinking, her shelter arena, but he stood in the center of imperial power struggle, she can not play trickery him for granted, whether he was thinking ,; what to do, all this for her, that is good news is not it He had no facial princess to destroy her and leaves from the marriage. She should laugh fishes, why would feel bitter disappointment . . chest beating organ that pain again . what is she rejected him, he fled,; intellectually glad she had their own fate again irrelevant However, that part of the soul sensibility but expect a little bit selfish, he would prove his oath. “meaning the beginning of the cloud, you can ask me why you pushed the total impasse, why not let me see your ugly in my mind.” her selfdeprecating smile, picked up the cold tea teapot into the cup, ashes floated from the cup,; followed by action in quiet laugh Qingbi liquid swirling child, she stared summarized ashes for a long time, and finally hand a delivery, they give all the tea spilled in the sea, along with tea poured go together, as well as stay in her bitter tongue, and all should not have feelings. cool down her eyes, seeing the day once again,; he has a husband, she is also a woman who, between the two of them would not be affectionate to tie him down, right . good . so we do not have to stay the hand . Rui Palace cloud early Italian man sitting with a relative and costumes, suddenly felt a chill, are accountable only to say a few words,; then it would not be below men’s costumes looked lost in the early moments like cloud meaning and some do not solution, opening: ” princes but perceive what is wrong plan” cloud intended Looking back at him early, sorry to hold up lips and said: “No, just suddenly remembered a man . nothing, remains unchanged, all you have labor.” “princes something, the next one’s life is saved under your able to do to help you skip wish for,; please be assured that will not be a little mistake.” Early cloud meaning nodded and said: “You do things I never worry about having to come over the past few days, and many people eye miscellaneous, then it can not be hidden anti those off, as if there is any change, I will sent someone to notice you.” costumes should be a man, after the salute followed by a confidant of the cloud is intended to play after the early wickets out of the palace garden. He had just gone,; meaning it early cloud burst drama cough. After the chamber wall, a white woman sideways out of a dazzling already established before the beginning of the cloud meaning, like ghostly silent. woman looks very ordinary. Still common to read a hundred times easier it will be to forget the degree. This is her body exudes a very different temperament. Can be said that heaven and earth, stone and jade to the difference.; Women without any explanation is intended to catch the clouds thin wrists early to diagnose the troubles. Eyes look dignified people do not consciously breathing softly. “I said. both nonlabor heart trouble within a year you had all the nonsense!” woman with a very pleasant place can not be ignored stern voice. intended to curry favor with clouds early smile. This is the first time to face appeared on his face. “I admitted the mistake . aunt .;

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That girl really has moved on leaves from the heart. Otherwise not be so nervous. The wind inattentive sigh: no need ah! Leaves from the needle is in the right. But . all the way inside story. He could not tell. For the first time being stress to taste.; The old center of the earth so that he would gain a hundred and vicissitudes. Shimen slowly closed. This secret room and bedroom to the size of ordinary people. There is no furnishings. Placed on the ground only a few only futon. Leaves from the wind does not leave after a while, as asked:. “Wind geniuses I remember the first time you see the doctor said to me Should not the last to force a needle there is a method to be able to protect their lives just this year Methods implemented. daily neutrons would rather die.; ” wind inattentive leaf color weird to look away. “Nice old lady said at the time to be very clear.” leaves from silent a moment and said: “I have a request to wait until the last, I am afraid there is no chance to speak” He paused. Continued: “Please continue your life, at least for me, I want to live to be her birthday that day” wind without leaving some moving, “you may want to know the kind of pain and its use to describe the deep sorrow, we might as well put another word .;” He watched the leaves from the expression, slowly spit out the words: “Health as good as dead. ” leaves from the smile, the look on like everything is relieved, the pain of living death, for one year of life, a good deal, at least he thinks he earned. “Yes,; I have, to go out alive!” hint of relief, diffuse into the wind wrinkles without leaving Yanshao, the leaves from the words lighten his guilt, maybe a conspiracy but the achievements of a pair of darling. Continued life way, is what he said to laughter quiet and listen to others, only to try out the leaves from a heart unintentional positive outcomes,; so it probably is. “Well, the old lady agreed. hold on, begin!” words down, infuriating injected into a vein from the leaves, leaves aside the distractions away quickly, bright eyes gradually taken together.; the same time, the quiet was sitting by the window laughing, playing with leaves from the hands to send her silver box. Her fingers moved several times to lock the box office, but also have resumed. Leaves from the steward referred to Liu, and it is precisely on the eve of his entering the chamber, the cartridge will be exactly what is it She secretly laugh at themselves, when a small box can make her unsettled.; She does not know that all men and women in love are so much thought, guessing each other also speculate with their own thoughts. silver box she opened a crack, suddenly “pop” sound, taken together, turned and placed in a small dressing table drawer, to the door and shouted: “! Miao, I’m hungry.;” silver box lying quietly in the dark, after five days, she wants to open with him . worrying about looking forward to the quiet and the Chamber of Secrets laugh without leaving any mercy of the wind leaves off, totally do not know the distance of a small building in Block ongoing conversation. dark room hanging heavy curtains, rolls and balls kneeling on the ground, laughing weekdays arrogance is replaced by a look of solemn. Came a hoarse voice after the curtain,; “to inquire how, the wind does not leave the old man still obey it” “back to the Lord, with return air does not stay the action should not have nothing, everything is acting according to plan.” “Jiang heavy it may have noticed the leaves from the body, right” rolls immediately replied: “No, I have painted on each needle medicine without leaving the wind, into the point Bansi also not bad.” that hear the sound of silence for a moment,; Schmidt said: “curly ” Let the lengthy curly tail called Ji Ling, “I seem to have explained to you so that by the beginning of the cloud meaning small injury can But as far as I know, he’s on the road back to the Jin almost life was not guaranteed. ” these words, there is no point blaming tone, as if the narrative of common, but dull thing, but curly hear in the ear, the moment is a cold sweat.; “Please Lord on punishment!” curly heavy Koushou while talking, she knows more quibble, the more serious penalty, meaning the beginning of exactly how cloud hurt, she did not pay attention, of course, why not tell a clear come. balls bear,; “Lord! under the plan is ill, is not her fault.” rolls right nudge balls, motioned him to shut up, balls stubbornly just want to go on, renewed hoarse voice said:! “there is nothing more important thing a few days, this time called the first note of the criminal court .; ” rolls and balls as a phase, revealing both startled look. What is important, so that the Lord seemed a different person Wait for them to return to God, the mystery man inside the curtain has gone up. U secluded   Moe UUtxT. com full Timor Hui bang down Twentyfour chapters of the second volume Bliss Ripples Words: 2675 leaves from entering the chamber, the layers of clouds gradually cover the original blue sky, laughing as quiet mood.; river holding a stack of heavy Memorial stood ajar the door of the house quiet laugh, just to see her silhouette, he symbolically buckle a few door, stepped into the room. quiet laugh his head down and said: ” A heavy, you come, items allow better yet.” “I’ll tell you the key is to allow things, he’s gone.;” quiet smile looked shocked when he heard the river bottom heavy, “whom take away Where Why” “last night, came to his master, in addition to no one item from my eyes will allow ‘steal’ away. As for why to go, you have to ask him.” laugh quiet silence, allowing the items to make tendons and broken legs, the wind does not stay to see him when the clinic was already sentenced to death,; this life he can no longer walk and ordinary people standing up. She can not forget items allowed from a message of hope to ashes in the eyes, but also date from that date, entries allow treatment for his injuries and saw the river a heavy person. She knew that term is afraid to face her fair . . this debt, not because of the elimination of items allowed to leave and silent, she would help him recover from the rolls of blood there,; including the mastermind behind rolls . “A heavy, dark blue Lord no news” frowning heavily Jiang shook his head, “sent to kill the ins and outs of the three batches of exploration in January, a total of twelve people, no one came back, and no letters, estimated to have been unexpected.” From the outset he would not agree to laugh secluded tease killed in January,; he did not understand why she finds the rolls and a membership in January to kill all the black people, large rivers and lakes, this term has never been absolute. When TANTAI Qin reign, was killed in January scored sacrificed much hard trained spies, not to mention inexperienced quiet laugh. “Maybe we send people wrong.” pondered quiet laugh. “ability to Blue Dark Lord hands you doubt” “No,; of course not .” She frowned thinking. Paused and said: “Ah whether the killer should be retrained from childhood.” “Of course I know what you’re thinking. useless. decade ago, Big Brother has been tried. outcome recruited in vain ruined six children. brother thought foolproof.; Finally, not even they do not know where to corpses. ” quiet laugh again silent. Qin original TANTAI ten years earlier she thought of . Is really no way A raid. Remnant of items allowed. Miaomiao hurt. Ye holds many lessons from the life and death hangs in the balance. Including severe early bird fairy cloud intended to have suffered very heavily wounded.; This scourge is not removed. She and everyone around her to the existence of a powerful threat implicit in the dark places. Until now she can not figure out. For what they have to kill her. Guess the only reason she is breaking ground to ground Cang volumes. She was left some clues. But, perhaps even wash jiange these clues are not sure of her place identity. Moreover,; the organization is a killer. she held onto the forehead. Guessing is one of the most exhausting to do. She limited brain cells can not want to understand all. It seems that a few months to act must be stopped. A good training ground provocateur. The shortest time is also needed to eight. Training a top killer than not far wrong. She can not afford to lose .; “A heavy. Chuanshu blue dark master. suspend action in addition. tracking entries allowed in the current situation, I want to know if he was okay. well . tell lurking there in the early cloud meaning of people each month I want three Memorial copies cloud seen the beginning of what people intended. went where. micromanager all have.; ” “I immediately handed down. Besides what” Jiang heavy sigh of relief. Okay. Foolhardy not to laugh quiet person. laugh quiet thought and said:. “! ChenMo indeed there is one thing, I told him the patience to the limit, no matter what method is tied,; we should also tied him to give me back.” heavy Jiang smiled quietly to be down, he looked at her and said: ” these really no other wants me to do.” “What do you say” Jiang pointed heavy floor and said: “After the leaves from it, you is not gotta start organizing your marriage a well, you need a lot of handembroidered things, such as the bride’s veil, you do not start, I’m afraid you have to Wait until the year after only marry out.; ” face flying a quiet laugh Hongxia, since she successor Gezhu,’m only joking with her xiajiang heavy, even empty Regulus morning until virtually all her attitude changed a lot. Thought leaves off, she gently sigh: “I hope he uneventful.” “You misjudge my master, and he never misses the elderly can be.” “Yes,; A heavy . I selected leaves from, that he knew .” Jiang heavy eyes narrowed, and he certainly knows the mouth quiet laugh, “he” who is “the whole arena knows something, Big Brother will not know how. laughing children, not use ‘that he’ such a title,; you should call his foster parent, unless you go to now still hate Big Brother. ” quiet smile slowly shook his head, she did not hate him . but she could not blame him . did not hate, but at a certain time, after a specific product of the moment things happen, TANTAI Qin unsparing cut her Love her crazy,; he scored an abyss from her cloud empty. In addition to her but he is not the slightest harm, on the contrary, he paid a lot for her, and even her life are his rescued. May have a hard heart is so loved, even nowadays, how can she come soon adoptive father . sincerely call between him and her,; with the past is concerned, too bland, using Cheng pulls, it also not yet reached all is illusion of mind, how to define, she could not find words to describe. “Well, I’m not forcing you. Ye Are you sure you want that person from it you two together,; like a pool of water without turmoil, you see his eyes inferior against Big Brother half of the burning. ” quiet laugh eyes flash, migraine look out the window and said:. “. spend the people who do not love, love the people always difficult to spend away from me and leaves can be accompanied, friend, would have been sufficient.;” “Leaves from the good, good to me, he could not pick the slightest problems, such people always make me feel fake . laughing children, I do not want you because of his suicide with care, or a bottle years ago elixir, thanksgiving to him, it favors.; ” quiet laugh sight back, staring at the river heavily: “I know everything, do not put everything right A heavy exchange like I was grateful to him, whether then or now, he decided to marry these factors are where. But by no means all, do you understand ” Jiang heavy eyes furrowed quiet smile, her eyes would like to see some more than anything, for a moment,; he will be placed in the hands of the dossier beside quiet laugh and said: “Maybe I intuitively believe your choice, women have always been more than men accurate. “Then down, turned and walked out of his door. This sentence reminds quiet laugh dream a few months ago . “robbed of life and death, ages .” tear sheets are not torn, bloody font .; her right hand firmly holds down the river heavy dossier until clutched the folds, she suddenly let go. not . it was just a dream . does not mean anything. She drew the sheet, lips unconsciously rise, after all, the most heavily Jiang understand her mind,; he put down the file, it is she wants, meaning early cloud situation in detail. After the identity of exposure, she had such an unwise move intended to early prevention of the cloud, and besides, he also boasted that she would become his wife. Ge Wu Resort and wash together jiange both strength, she still does not feel safe,; after all, he is the beginning of cloud meaning, not the other general role. she scanned the line by line, turn to the second page when she suddenly shocked, shocked to read in black and white: the cloud is intended to Xiapin three days early this month, the second daughter of Taishi Road, Yu Zhong four countries . secluded U   League uutxT.;

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If everyone at ease compliance, but also how the cloud will turn to the Orient House, the Prince agreed to sit bit derivative, but because of the emperor and the royal feather face, no one point out nothing. Emperor Yu do Presumably his mind more clearly than anyone, but he will not see the people who are buried scandals deep into a wall inside,; allow anyone to expose. early meaning of these clouds will certainly not straightforward to say enraged Emperor Yu, “Do not you think wash jiange Fu Huang is a heavy weight heavy weights life insurance.” “Shut up! What life insurance weights, who, who would want to kill you too! I give you a ride to chase the cloud, giving you rich fief as you want it to go,; early child! Do not put all your twisted to cover ambition. ” nobody wanted him to life Fu Huang how he can pretend to put everything right so peaceful. Ambitions. He does not deny it. But why not ask him. His ambition to come! He depressing moment in my heart to the old stories. Emperor Shen Xiao Yu with snow.; Ignore outcome. They also unforgettable, exhausting all loved. That being the case. And why he wanted to be so unbearable. “Er Chen ask one you had to bring back my mother Princess. ever thought of the slightest trace of the use of mother Princess Feather national identity securely in position You do not have to answer because not want to hear the answer to Er Chen. was the mother of Princess. just She now has to listen not understand.; ” Yu Emperor stuck meditation. Does he really fell in love with this son of the woman that arena Silk City took place all sorts. Yunyichudi infatuation. He knew in detail in Huibing online newspaper land. The clouds that are beginning to get the meaning of this huge boost to wash jiange means. He speculated over all. Only the truth of this. He never thought of. Unfortunately himself and Xiao Shen snow has eroded his geocentric no longer young.; Cloud beginning to ask the meaning him back a few decades ago. He first met when snow and Xiao Shen. Memory is like picture. Even now people have changed. That picture is still vivid. He had thought. All over again. Regardless of whether he will not be pulled into the royal Xiao Shen Xue this whirlpool . he did not come up with the answer.; He deeply understand that. Arena for the royal family is concerned. Can be utilized. You can lambasting. You can live in peace with them. But people will never melt into rivers and lakes stratigraphic royal interests. Then to him. Because Xiao Shen Xue almost lost the throne . .; No . not even the beginning of a cloud meaning the truth does not help. But whatever the woman from the political arena. She just wash jiange Gezhu to identity. It definitely can not let her side early in the cloud meaning. thinking and far. Emperor Yu went to the front side of the rack cabinet. Draw a booklet intended to throw at the beginning of the cloud in front of Road:. “You leave the ground under the guise of inspection of the state capital these days I have been for you to choose Princess domestic edicts place names door Shuyuan lineage appearance are here to hear from you within half Zhenyao to answer!; ” left to election day edicts Princess Cloud Italy early sneer. Grabbed the booklet readily turned two. This is probably the thick of things already prepared a long time for it! “Well! I tired!” feather emperor again by sitting in a chair. Italian early waved red cloud. He did not want to leave early cloud intended to speak to any opportunity. cloud meaning early clenched booklet,; he knew, when Emperor Yu determine what, you can not change it will be like now, Burongfenshuo catch people. Decree, holy, there is also a free, feather emperor when he threw the booklet, he does not thought refute shirk.; Because he knows that no use, he is no longer fights the Royal Council and the plume turned upside down when he was a teenager. Noisy, what can be resolved Solution to the problem is not in the mouth forever. “Zunzhi Er Chen, Fu Huang, please take care of dragons, meaning retire early.” cloud meaning the beginning of the line ceremony,; barely stood up, his legs numb already knelt, leaning on the wall, he walked Snappers, the cold air and the crushing snowflakes flutter in the face. Jun eunuch never complained immediately went up to the side of the hold he said:. “Laonu has commanded them prepare for the next 软轿 parked in the corridor at the West Pavilion” Then he called a small eunuch intended to help cloud early in the past. Early cloud meaning rubbed his legs bent, because they dare not exercise our powers,; and numbness after a good while before gradually receded. “No thanks kindness father, Wang okay.” He pushed and little eunuchs, Chong declared the house to take the palace. election Fei, hum . if he is so susceptible to manipulation, as early as 56 years ago,; has been the queens. Just a little bit different this time, he understands that this is not a dislike or do not want to be able to mix the past. He would choose! But also the future of the Swiss who can marry the princess come! When cloud meaning early snow has come out against the wind Jiuhua Palace, the palace got into the carriage, his long eyelashes already pour a thin layer of frost, cover your eyes and heart with his hand,; ice melt, to think of him without suppress laughter quiet the last few days of the Memorial on every word he firmly engraved in my heart. Jiang has been rushed to the mystery heavy floor, Miao and hurt the guards did not cause illness, two months to convalesce. Xiang Yun . He sighs, Xiang Yun, he is not objectionable,; but unfortunately can not be reused generation Grand lifelong legs to walk. As leaves from his eyes again thrown chill, Ge Wu Ying Huo Villa suzerain leaves, leaves from the father, even please the geniuses who retreated into the shadows move without leaving the wind, laughing heavy river is quiet men do not stay in the wind The first Christians, came from time intelligence projections, the wind does not leave twentythree days will arrive silk city. Ye Ying Huo .; . he seems really timely smelled something, but could not grasp . He shook his head to himself:. “Not a medical apprentice, master may not be able Miaoshouhuichun” “princes, back to the government do” thought cloud meaning the driver interrupted early. “No, go to the school field.;” coachman looked more and more snow, so the weather to the school field . Even so wish, he may never be foolish enough to ask out loud. four horses Yangti to suburban riding camp chasing clouds away. Big Moe uutXt.com U construed text book board Guangdong ditch Bliss twentysecond chapter of the second volume of a promise still ringing in our ears Strip Words: 2721 a brilliant clothing man hiding behind a tree, far from the river watching the two men in white hovering woman set off the powder blue silk skirts, sky and clouds as the general harmony.; Jinzhuang man shook his head, he was sent here has been more than a month, the only task is to record every move Chu quiet laugh. Rui Wang refused to give Highness . when will it The two men are born dead, they are the one of the world’s people, ah! If so, he thought,; his eyes away from the goal but did not dare anything, orders to do bad things fail to get his master’s people say over this trivial phrases. “light shadow cast thin sheets green lake, a new tear small pieces of silk clothing . will take the springintentioned mistake, shore from Kunming seventeen, poetic inspiration crowded, cloud water, such as tea,; please Su Mei, two ho spring through the lake ” warm spring evening, laughing secluded waterside boulder sitting on the Vatican, clear sparkling water stroking her feet, her hands slightly lift the skirt, plain yarn gently slapping her leg, a red sunset cloud horizon scales, but also turned it into the most gentle rouge, blooming in the side of her face.; “shore from Kunming heard how I said this place.” Leaves from the mellow sounds as if with a smile, blowing in her ear. quiet laugh Looking back, arms stretched supine oblique sitting in leaves from the legs, flowing hair on his white robe, skirt falling into the water is wet, and she did not care, eyes flashed Flash said: “in the book to see,; you do not know is not surprising.” she did not restrained action, did not prevent leaves from, he knew that she was only in a completely relaxed state will reveal this natural side, discard the tedious ritual, people’s eyes, so she is real , not to mention that she was his wife set. “Well,; this got the right stuff it Implying also book it appears Besides, the water in front of you is the Vatican, not the lake.” “You Hao Fan.” angry faint smile, “Spring heaters, new willow sunset, expect to sing, the mood!; mood understand” leaves from playing with her wisp of black hair, spoiled authentic:. “well, as you do not sing half, I still waiting for the next half of the mood of it.” uphold quiet laugh smile looking at the water gurgling, in fact the whole song, Barbara posted her mind only one sentence:. “I want to warm the heart and then send a return spring .;” She sat up, picks up the side of the silk shoes , looked back at the leaves from. feel a little funny from leaves, she returned to the earthly nature, and finally think of hindsight, the daughter of the house is expansive feet, his eyes smile down into quiet laughter, in exchange for her a supercilious He turned around and got the message,; listening to her skirt dripping drops of water falling into the Vatican ticking. “Come on.” quiet laugh packed ready to take the lead on the embankment step ladder. walking slowly. They have a tie not a tie to casual chatting. No one to touch the ground on the topic tomorrow. Leaves from the body to be temporarily sealed to the black needle last remaining one. One of the most dangerous places. Stranded vein to the heart position.; The only way is to place the black needle closing in communicating with the right atrium floor, the inferior vena cava. Take the needle in the process. A slight deviation will lead to confusion meridians. Retrograde blood. Tomorrow morning. Leaves from the river to be heavily master retreat with 25. quiet laugh since the beginning of the cloud had repeatedly ignored the leaves from Italy. In the end to test within a few days.; She imagined countless times beginning with the cloud meaning to the future. And leaves from the ground. She almost did not go considered. But healing is a leaf from the ground these days. A full four months. Be a long. A short time. She looked at him a better day by day. Day companions.; Nothing at all in the subtle nature. Sometimes. She would look at leaves of absence from the ground laughing. Guess Ge Wu Resort is a how to place. Can create a spring generally smile. Is the land. She imagined the two of them belong to the future. She was with him. This is a piece of Wulin Jia words.; One pair of fairy Crazy, right . just about everything in the premise that. Leaves from this hurdle can spend without incident. people have a bad quality. And have often not been lost weight over all. One is the demand and not. Like TANTAI Qin at her. Softest place in her heart drew a difficult place to heal the wounds.; Another is to chase and not yet. Have had. But can not recover emotionally after losing ground. Quiet laugh just one person. She was not able to prevail over all beings to escape. No matter what the future she will live. TANTAI Qin name. This person. She has been branded in to memory.; No obliterated. Now in her. Facing the fear of losing leaves off the ground. She could not help but want to grab him to life in his hands. She can not help but stand once again foiled. mystery floor. Gradually close. Leaves from laughing secretly glance at secluded places look. He knew what she was thinking.; For tomorrow. His mind is uneasy. But he does not allow himself to mind any exposure in her eyes. He suddenly stop. One hand to pull her doubts turned to hand. He slightly hard. The distance between the two men suddenly narrowed. Hear the breathing. She lowered her eyes.; Gently shake the two rows of feather fan. “If I remember right place. place next month is your birthday.” quiet smile and nodded. “I will accompany you to celebrate with, so nothing in order, so I five days.” hand could not help but laugh a secluded shrink, etc.; . the word seems to be in her life demons. Leaves from the increased strength of the hand, palm wrapped her gentle, firm skin friction came from, but they are no longer in the mood to ignore this moment ambiguous. She looked up, a very clear eyes, not TANTAI from Qin Ye,; Hao her generous to the rest of his bet, he’ll be fine, it can not have something. “What . just this year,” she Spiritual free to ask. leaves gentle gaze from her, “No, for each subsequent year,; I will be for you to celebrate. still remember the two of us to put the lights, I desire festival in May each year are given to you, you greed is good, you say to the water god ‘m glad my heart’, so how can I leave before you, owe God’s account can not muddle the past. ” her surprise, lotus lamp drift away with a note that she did not let him read,; how he would know what she wrote. pulled out a folded leaf from Su Jian was flat from her, took quiet laugh, expand . smudged by water impressively fuzzy writing is her pen body. She gains a moment, after that day were, he must chase her down so smooth and let go of the lotus lamp. Bird lights is that they tie the two together,; they can be floated unsinkable already rare sight, he turned to a long piece of paper may not exist lights turn back, just because, where there is her wish. her for himself and for his guilt . too much to ignore, however, should be aware of now is not too late . eyes intertwined,; she said to him: “I am waiting for you to accompany me through each year of birth.” he solemnly nodded. “leaves off, this is a promise, a promise can not be dishonest.” He nodded again, in addition to simple body language, all of the words in this moment will seem unreal. He promised her that she gratuitous believe everything he would become a reality.; long street, the shadow of the two pulled well, really long, his gentle smile, and then she said:. “go back” two heavy Youyi walking speed through the streets, just come with different handshake wrapped around a finger, as if the whole life will not be separated. seeking votes,; seeking collection of subsub out these days have some one thousand heart pull pull cool cool . not seeking votes compiled no hype slogan, it is instincts, never likes to discuss what they want, but the situation is pressing, struggling under discussion it was decided to it! Vote in both collections and hit over it! u quiet book Meng UUTXt.Com Tsuen pattern since May plated version Volume XXIII who woke Bliss Words: 2634 first exposed wire bright horizon after midnight,; the wind sounded the leaves do not stay away from the door. Leaves from the Phi a robe, his eyes bleary answered the door, “Wind geniuses wait, I’ll be just fine.” “no hurry, take your time.” the wind does not stay nor leave it leaning against the door, waiting to see his face away from the leaves that are slept very peacefully last night,; the wind does not leave myself, by no means his youth such a good concentration, and that the girl child is considered a good fit indeed, but unfortunately . Oh . leaves from being grooming, Liu steward arrived, wiped off the face of the leaf drops, Liu steward said: “Uncle Liu you come just yesterday,; laughing children rest too late, at the moment should be fast asleep, do not quarrel with him. Additionally boxes, etc. only after she woke up, please transmit to you. ” Liu steward, who took over from the leaves from a silver box,; respectfully said:. “was” tricky floor down has seen half a leaf from the owner, although leaves from the humble to everyone a plus, but including Liu steward included, are holding a subordinate etiquette. “Wind geniuses, threebuilding underground chamber was ready, within five days there will never be anyone to disturb you and Ye Gongzai That Go ahead.” leaves taken from the door and said: “There is a labor.;” threestory house in quiet laugh just brew a good pot of tea, you could hear leaves them far away from the line to footsteps. She held up a hand to stop the pot in the air, a moment before now should not be shocked when a daze. She opened the window, leaves from just stepped into the courtyard door to her room to look, the two one upstairs, one downstairs, relatively nonwords,; her eyes tell the thousands of kinds of feelings. Until the leaves are waiting for others to realize from before his face reddish ground for quiet smile, said two words: “When I.” no sound, quiet laughter from his mouth to read his words, leaves from the still looked at her, as if waiting for her response, her eyes slightly lowered, immediately bursting out with a touch of lift eye dazzling smile,; she will not desolately Ai Ai to see him go, she wants to use the most beautiful smile he had sent the Road hit the ridge. indulge in amazing in his memory, she was the first time such a smile on his exposed, so beautiful . steward could not help laughing next to Liu, the wind does not leave Qing Ke few times and said: “Time to.” leaves turned away, graceful and said:.; “sorry, let’s go.” wind does not stay away from looking at the back of the leaf, followed looked thoughtfully quiet laugh, and finally shook his head and followed. Hopefully . I hope is a leaf from Pure Lotus, or he is lying in the coffin would not forgive myself. chamber.; Communicating with a dark ground corridor. Every ten steps. With two guards stationed on Tsing Yi. These people are Regulus morning empty floor after mystery attack. Without any explanation carefully selected to protect laugh secluded places. Everyone laughed secluded in turn sent not to exercise our powers to protect the leaves from the ground. And the healing process can not be distracted by the wind does not leave. This is five days. She did not allow any to errors.; wind came from the layers do not stay alert in. Good Earth parade

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Tips to calm lying on the ground, he stunned back, headed toward the crimson blade Jiazhu blades behind him. cloud rolls laughed secluded intended to rescue the beginning. Grabbed balls in hand.; Volley leaps and said: “We do not go to the opponent Chu quiet laugh!!” Curly full cast from dodge. Multistep is a step can escape. Clouds early attacks intended to drag a few people laugh is not much time Chu quiet. quiet smile and curly see balls hidden in the darkness. Intracardiac anxious. The desire catching. But turned around and saw the beginning of the cloud meaning messy clothes.; She slammed the hair. Step sword back to black people away. cloud meaning early bloody lips. Right hand firmly holding kit. Yi Mei fluttering his eyes followed the quiet smile. Eyes was full of satisfaction. She does not fit him. She would rather he can not bear to let go curly killed . This proves too much .; laugh quiet a few people quickly beheaded. Crashed back to the beginning of the cloud is intended to eyes full of affection. She closed his eyes. When they reopened his eyes to the cold snow cloud thrown in Italy at the beginning. “watercourse where I owe you a life. paid off today.” turned quiet laugh. Curly looked to the direction of escape. Leaves turn back to look away from them.; Chase might be able to catch up. But she can not leave no ability to protect themselves to a few people lying here. She walked away from the leaves. Italy early passing cloud. She ground back. Without leaving a trace, as outrightly . room. “Chu laughs quiet!;” cloud meaning the beginning of the call her cough. She steps just a lag. Do not look back. “You ask yourself! When just shot may have also thought about my life!” quiet laugh clenched fist, “thought about what could represent! would you give up that road causing me harm my parents have a lifetime of books abandon ambitions! Do not say you can not let go,; even if I can, I can not forget the torture I sleep more than three years of that night! today you probably will not because of a momentary fascination to me how, after three years, five years later, when you do not satisfy the desire for a feather in the country, what would you do to me! “From raid encounter, her emotions into a taut string on the face of the early cloud meaning to ask out,; then this string is finally broken, she almost shouted these words, the voice reveals a little shaking. she exhales a long, lightly: “His Royal Highness Rui Wang, Chu quiet laugh waiting for you someday marked Ge Wu Villa!” Ge Wu Hill ! Cloud intended early as lightning, has in mind the words blurted out: “Why is the Ge Wu Hill” quiet laugh did not answer,; pick up a pair of picture from the side, it is Miaomiao has been in the hands until they fall to the ground lying on the ground lost last painting, leaves from the painting. picture has been broken, scratched hidden weapon paper over tilted. No quiet laugh to expand it, she walked away from the side of the leaf, gently help him up and said:. “Has been broken .; after you hurt so good I want to redraw a picture to send.” laugh dialogue secluded and cloud meaning early, leaves from intermittent pain liking, but he heard the word clearly, the moment seemed to slow the body’s pain, holding his hands quiet laugh: “The children laugh, Will you marry me ” quiet laughter did not answer yes, did not say no. She took away any leaves her hand,; whispered: “stop garden, your complex that for many years, now where .” leaves centrifugation of a pain, Chen Sheng replied: “died passed away, laughing children separated by the yin and yang, the two have hurt people, perhaps in order to know how to cherish a few days, I do not know if there’s life,; but. day to be alive, to see more of your day smile, this life without regret. ” laugh secluded feel to start uploading strength and temperature, the leaves from the phrase “two people who have hurt, perhaps in order to know how to cherish” chewed, she is a treasure not looking for her, understand her,; love her, tonight he can to protect her life, in that case she ask what . she intended to look back to the beginning of the cloud and said:. “Did you hear the three test has been completed, so I chose leaves from you if looking for me, of course, play on Ge Wu Villa! ” “You .; Keke . you marry him! then immediately when a widow!” quiet laughter filled eyes dizzy looking angry, snapped back:!! “This has left Germany with thee mouth he can live a hundred years, I accompanied him to join bald, if he can only live one day,; I will do his day his wife, he fell so farmland to save me, that moment where you are my moment with him, what do you qualified to comment. ” cloud meaning might sound a shocked, but after a moment grin, that moment where he is To blame He forcibly pushed unsuccessfully to save her the power, almost obsessed, but what is the use,; he did not see that a few black needle has left in the leaf veins. His laugh some madness, “Well . Good Good!!!!” He said of the three consecutive good eyes lit the flame and looked away from the road and leaves quiet laugh: “Chu quiet laugh, why do you make me into just such a situation!; do you think will be able to say that I scored the hell even hell, I will pull you together, I found you have to be you! ” he looked up to heaven, “the heavens as evidence, I vow to take the early Chu Yun intended to do the only thing I laugh at being quiet Princess! If you do not want to marry me, I’ll wait, it will keep,; but you get the most Lingjia others, life can never expect ! “he coldly desolate face oozing murderous, quiet laugh listening to his words, he looked at the world’s lone independent, not only did not anger, but also felt a heartache, the two of them . it seems.; Shoes and, if it is TANTAI Qin to marrying another woman, she might also like clouds early meaning crazy, maybe . she would kill in anger grief under the girl . even TANTAI Qin hate her life it does not matter. early cloud meaning Bitian mad, proud and soaring into sharp contrast with the haggard grief, together with the ink hair dancing in the night unassuming,; quiet laughter shook leaves from the tight hand speaker said: “Cloud brother does it want to run to chase clouds riding the cruel overcome Ge Wu Villa fragmentation case, leaves from the fight in the end! ” two men, covered with wounds, but looked relatively moment, but bursts can burn the entire city of silk fire. two courtyard doors were suddenly open, and extinguished the fire between the two men, Liu Xiang Xie steward with several guards into the room,; laughing until they saw the hospital in secluded et al appearance, the presence of one Dai Li, Liu steward realized what was happening and kept guard cursed his ill go with the Qing Lan come back to God, kneeling on the ground flat on heavy, if you know the mystery floor will be attacked, that old would die off they will not deserting half step. quiet smile lighted touch of eye gel, several people were injured looks, but even lucky to be able to come back!; “Do not kneel! Fault is not you, surely you have experienced a hardfought today nothing to say, first treat the wounded, this account will slowly get back to me!” guards in lighter hurt a few people, lift the leaves off, Miao, and other items allowed into the room,; looked at the clouds meaning quiet laugh early, do not leave him, and did not catch him, he hurt a good walk equal acquiesced After all, this is baptized jiange he dragged . but she could not say she had dreaded exchange a word, and will arouse his madness. cloud intended to set in place early, motionless,; go and stay, he also reluctant unwilling, heartache and pain afflicting his and spirit, in the quiet beginning to laugh and cloud meaning both hesitated on the occasion, just listen was swift hoofs from far and near, rough estimate, about a hundred people in the congregation, everyone mystery inside the building, are nervous again.; excellent quiet book  B UUtxT. cOm Quanwenziban month plated second volume Bliss Chapter thousand mountains far Words: 2562 hoofs screeching halt in front of mystery, after a moment of silence, a long street full of air voice into binarystory house, “Yu country 孟西泽 next, I ask of you wash jiange hero, king of Sweden, but in your Highness The sojourn ” this to sound familiar early cloud meaning, indeed chasing clouds riding the dragon will Meng Xize,; he flashed a hint of sarcasm, “the old man this time to how fast the action.” turned to find him, laughing heart quiet road. She rushed Liu steward nodded, “Meng generals come to ask.” Liu steward Road voice: “Yes.” Soon, cited one young twenties down into two courtyards in general.; Meng Xize silver softdressed, hair high beam, British Gas reveals a whole person, he rushed Baoquan, who laughed a quiet ceremony and said:. “We look to you for your hospitality night forgive me.” laugh quiet nod in return, “Do not hinder, the Bangladesh generals polite.;” Meng Xize look around campuswide crowd, one saw the beginning of the distant cloud stood Italy, eagle sharp eyes, do not let the early cloud meaning unbearable silk clothes and lips that blood, his face immediately sank, look courtyard Some of the poor in the public eye, but whatever the outcome, he intended to follow the clouds early years, fairly tolerant,; walked forward one knee and bowed, and said: “See Highness weekend.” cloud meaning early right Wei Tai, motioning Meng Xize free gift. Meng Xize did not get up until asked: “! Who hurt you are.” cloud meaning just beginning to open, was interrupted by a fit of coughing, Meng Xize Nuse conceal,; is who he loved gods Rui Wang hurt like this For a time his body revealed a murderous, let go Lan, SD hands unconsciously ask the weapon. Early efforts to restrain Italy cloud drama cough, “has nothing to do with the people here.” He looked at birth on 孟西泽 chin stubble, showing that they came all the way around the clock silk city, mocking look into his eyes again diffuse , “the old man will really pick one.;” Meng Xize pondered for a moment. Presumably arrived in mystery floor. Early cloud meaning to what he wanted to see through him. He is no longer in circles bluntly said:. “Your Majesty, please send weekend Highness instantly relayed back to Beijing in addition to the words of His Highness .” “said.” Meng Xize weeping eye and whispered: “scheming .” clouds float listening meaning early hint of sneer.; Face turned to the direction of the Tianjin. “He thinks everyone is like him it.” Meng Xize beginning to cloud meaning of this sentence is automatically ignored. Should not listen to not listen. Should remember to not remember. Defenses of the body of the law is in the political whirlpool. He was a military commander. Those Fumiomi intrigue to think about leaving job to do it. He only finds.; Cloud was his intention to follow the early life of people. No name. Not for profit. Not for the position. He succumbed to. Italy is a cloud early this person. “You take the number of people coming.” “back Highness, one hundred and fifty people whole.;” early cloud meaning nodded, leaning over a wooden barrel pulled from 孟西泽 waist, finger Yexia bottom rope, the wooden barrel toss, straight into the sky a little green flames, cut through the darkness at the same time reflect into his pupil, into two strange light. “Tonight departure.” Fireworks dissipated,; these two words he spoke very heavy. Meng Xize moment, he originally intended to do to defy the emperor’s life, if the cloud is intended to go back to the beginning of his vapid furious will not interfere, I did not expect so easy . . cloud intended to ignore his early reaction, wide sleeves Yang, went walked to the courtyard.; Meng Xize got to keep up, he looked at the clouds superficial meaning early pace, Jingan two steps intended to hold early cloud left arm. cloud meaning early frowned, pushed Meng Xize Chen Sheng said: “As it is not useless.” He looked straight ahead and laugh secluded pass, out of a few steps, suddenly turned around and said: “I said, oath to marry you is my only positive Princess,; you remember, this is my life stand second oath. ” laugh quiet heart, as if the needle a bit, he put away the robe also every now and then in her eye, she rushed Liu steward and other feebly waved and said: “I went to see the three of them, all things both say tomorrow, “out of a few steps, she suddenly turned around and said:.;”! night Chuan Jiang heavy book, asking him to hand everything all down, speed to silk city, the moment must not delay. ” complete account of her turned around, went upstairs, drapes, and leaves from the already asleep,; she looked away from the leaf profile, soft corner for him tuck tuck, a trace of cold air blowing gauze, windows not about strict, she propped tired body, went to the window, which faced the street, she saw the streets of the all bowed Ginko soldiers stand silent through the cracks, not just soldiers,; horses are listed neatly Lien Chan, meaning early cloud handedly cultivated chase cloud ride, she already heard, today finally eyes to see, although only a few hundred people, but the concept and the concept of a hundred people have been tantamount to the army, a branch torch swayed one handsome energetic man’s face, Cloud Italy early figure appeared, one hundred and fifty people uniform underground worship,; until everyone got up, distant four batches of black horses gallop, safely parked in front of the early cloud meaning. Italian approached a few clouds early, sudden body flash, followed by a hold has been followed by a cloud meaning Meng Xize early. This time, meaning the beginning of the cloud did not refuse, after a moment of dizziness,; he slowly turned and looked twostory window into the gap, laughing secluded retreat three steps subconsciously, early cloud where she intended to intuition . just . She looked at him from the leaves from the room . . Meng Xize see the beginning of the cloud is intended not hide the pain color, think of the way the printing uproar came rumors that today is a new wash jiange Gezhu three test tone down her husband’s election day, just who can be called Empress Dowager woman,; probably wash jiange Gezhu, as a woman, met intersection, and does not want to love . immune. But his Highness, in the end is victory or defeat, he was confused, if victorious,; why one color conceal desolate pain, if defeated, another Pro out that sentence means He can not judge two human entanglements, but he can be sure that the early Italian heavy injury clouds will be with Chu quiet laugh about . he heaved the heart: the roots, troubles too early cloud meaning the characters are, after all, did not escape such a situation One word. laugh secluded place to stay in the station for a moment,; she was afraid of what Why did she have to retire. So thinking, she once again close the window, meaning early cloud has registered the car in 孟西泽’s arm. Horse hooves vacated, Ginko magic guard around, he did so to pull away, but everything would have to end it she closed the window to return to the leaves from the bedside, fingers hesitated to touch the leaves from the face.; She has promised to give life to this man, eyes still wish no sense, where the leaf is the only important thing from there Miaomiao and items allowed . Jiang heavy . you must hurry rushed . withdrew her hand gently out of the room, and after visiting over items Yun Miao, tired badly, she just casually looking for a room upstairs to rest.; Past sleepy to such a degree that she will sleep very heavy tonight, but the dream continued. Dream, in fact, very simple, the letter words, using a variety of pen body appeared on rice paper, zoom in her eyes. “robbed of life and death,; ages. circumvent recluse, or Misfortune. Incredible Rumour, in others is fortunate, in that you are robbed. careful of! abandoned!” she clearly knew all just a dream,; but how are awake, however. Unreal, she struggled, sweat filled to capacity, and finally she tore those desperate to paper, ink becomes an instant blood, her dismay opened his eyes, is when the day shone.; leisurely  H book Meng uUTxT. CoM Quanwenziban month plated Bliss CHAPTER II Father and Son Words: 2608 Jiuhua palace, temple worship declared Snappers in nearly sixty years of Emperor Yu busy holding a red crayon seems to have completely forgotten while kneeling son. early cloud meaning Mangpao silver crown, upright kneeling on brick book case before the December weather, no amount of force to reclaim the ground heaters also clammy chill, he stared concentrate on the affairs of the Emperor Yu, Genglou I heard the sound of water droplets remind the passage of time. Father and son,; who did not speak, silent stalemate. Or, I should say a father and son, in addition to his continuation of Emperor Yu blood, they just monarch. “Keke cough .” cold ground penetration cloud meaning early knees, spread up his voice to wait any longer,; cough, cough to be quelled this for a while, he exposed his face expression of shame, his most do not want is to expose him in front of Yu Di any weak side. Yu Di brow Qingzhou, the red ink pen handy rack in the mountains, a pair of eyes Weitai insight into everything from the memorials overlooking the son make him a headache. “kneeling these times, awake yet” feather emperor leisurely tone with dark majesty of pressure early in the cloud meaning heart.; “Er Chen when slept do not clear these people looked around these things, I’m afraid long and Huangxiong general.” “bang” Yu Di heavy shot in the palm of your hand on a table, red ink pen to slide down the mountain, hint of red. Emperor Yu looked at cloud complex meaning early, after a moment he restrained anger, his head leaning back. He knew early cloud mouth Huangxiong meaning other than the royal family is hurt everyone’s heart .; “It seems I was too indulgent to you. early child, under the rules generations 祖宗立 no change, you hide those they do not understand the mind, as you Fu Huang, how could understand. Fortunately, this time you jiange not wash, otherwise many people will not sit idly by,; you can understand ” cloud of ink is generally agreed early condensate from the eyes of those not hear the freezing cold, fathers rules Oh, such as

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Ping Xu Shimoji first commitment . curly grabbing a laugh. One pair of eyes were rolling in the clouds linger meaning early and quiet laughter. I ask. Two eyes to see the situation clearly exists. And mingled with countless things she did not understand manner. She also laughed out how.; leaves off. Frown. Quiet laugh and cloud meaning little bit early to look not let him. How is it that he does not understand. Have no way to guess. But it seems to display a quiet laugh after set of footwork. Between what they were bypassed it. What exactly is Miaomiao quiet laugh climbs to the arm. Eyes full of confusion.; She glanced aside camouflage to black people. Quiet laugh softly asked: “how is it” ek a quiet charm laughing smile. “Remember I told you about three people to it, He is one of them.” Miaomiao heard, had weak hands suddenly tightened, pinching pain may even forget to laugh secluded, three, absolutely can not cast shadow magic evening drunk three steps in front of them,; purple juvenile hall Shuangsha offerings. Her eyes cloud meaning the wind like a knife toward the beginning, she had sweat dripping forget to laugh secluded awakened from a dream, tore her clothes, kept and remembered her purple fairy . silly! Haoben! Good idiot! She will be the person actually looks confused demeanor,; silly laugh secretly hope secluded entrust such a person can choose life. These are not the key, quiet smile for her life, must not be exposed for the world to know the identity. She would rather have died, but also unwilling to face such a result . cloud meaning the beginning, he would not be adverse quiet laugh again Quiet laughter is the blood of the Chu family because of his message will spread and cause a reign of terror . .; Miaomiao quiet tears could not help but laugh wet clothes. “silly girl, I tell you not to make you cry.” Miaomiao speechless, just shook his head desperately, desperately in turn nodded, tears still have not received any indication live. quiet smile and patted her shoulder a little comfort, then again look to the cloud meaning the beginning: “The our things considered again later,; or you’re ready to place antiGe” cloud meaning pain early color eyes flashed, he has too many words to say to her, does she think that now he will kill her She would be too do not understand everything he . clear how he would do, not like a good, all too suddenly. But one thing, he very clearly today, do not give up under the premise of breaking Cang volumes secret,; he would never stand on the side with her hostile . cloud intention was going to open their minds early, curly smile suddenly go quiet, early cloud meaning suddenly tense up, leaves from the same alert, looking at one step closer curly, subconsciously quiet side near to laugh. quiet laugh alone, did not like them is so nervous,; because she did not feel the slightest intention to kill him from the rolls. curly quiet ten steps away laughing stopped and said: “You ask me if you have any grudges, and now you want to want to know” looked curly quiet laugh, look suspiciously, clammed up. “how do not want to know” curly close laugh while talking secluded two steps. Laugh, rediffuse the curly face, “I want to say,; so whether you want to hear, I have to say, because ah .” curly prolonged sounds content people are looking forward to the next, only to suddenly flash of silver, and no one saw curly hidden weapon when shot, saw thirty lancet needles mixed with a few rub quiet laugh hair flying in the past. Is curly missed No, she had never missed her aim itself is air.; glanced coldness quiet smile flashed the face side, untouched. Visual inspection alone, she accurately determine the Lancet will not hurt her nothing, a false alarm, she surveyed the rolls, it does not make sense in one hand, why not curly hee hee a chuckle:. “sister good courage,; I have to admire, this really tell you,” curly Yanba bowed our heads, seemed to consider how the wording, no one seen under her bangs reveals sly eyes and expectations. u quiet book Meng UUtxt. cOM Quan Wen Wei words fall second volume Bliss Chapter XVIII bruise Qingyue Words: 2979 curly head down, hiding behind his left, shallots fine finger like playing a musical instrument generally gentle dancing,; even a serious look from the past, it is difficult to detect on each wrapped around her finger several transparent silk, Spider silk with the same thickness, the difference is that it will not be vulnerable to winds so easily cut off, on the contrary, it is extremely tough, ordinary sword never expect it to hurt nothing. Since Chu quiet can hold back laughter at the end, she just rolls are not exposed to the real situation for others to look a fool,; faster . fast . still with finger movements, curly look forward to watching the leaves off. Good! While the cloud is intended to maintain early warning, but he stood too far . face curly again silence, quiet laugh no patience,; pliant shocked point rolls. Rolls without the slightest Ju Yi, looked straight blade, his smile growing, and eventually even difficult to control himself laughing. early look at cloud meaning curly smile, faint feel uneasy, just recall that a partial curly head of the quasihidden weapon, this anxiety gradually expanded,; he subconsciously looked to laugh secluded behind this one, stunned His heart is as ominous, thirty Lancet like being cast a sorcery, quietly fly also, and laughed in his quiet, leaves from the skill did not even notice. saw blade would penetrate your senses are on the rolls who laugh quiet! “Be careful!” Meaning toward the beginning of the cloud quiet laugh while screaming spit out the word,; however, whether voice or him, than that little bit of coldness, have been too slow. He forgot all, what black people, what the throne, what Yiping, all go to hell,; to save her! The only thing left is the idea in his mind. Limited human after all, he hated the time, do not wait, suddenly stop, only a bet, maybe catch up, even though gambling is his life.; no worth or not worth it, he has been unable to consider these irrelevant issues. His brow, a sudden frost gray knot, but ignited branching crimson eyes, an ice flow in a fire tore his meridian, for the average person may not be able to resist forcefully pushed his skill as a halfsecond the suffering, but he unknowingly. Colorless invisible razor thin air beside the Lancet,; in addition to early cloud meaning, probably no one knows it exists. Catch the early . cloud meaning panting violently, I saw thirty Lancet, instantly turned into a pile of scrap iron sheets, ding clang clang fall to the ground. meanwhile, leaves from a secluded would laugh in his arms as he too much action,; leaning on a quiet laugh Miao was knocked aside. I do not know what the cloud is intended early magic weapon to destroy the Lancet, but the inclusion of three whole body in a pile of silver needle into the dark slip through the net. When leaves from the discovery, did not have the opportunity to open the quiet smile, he would fit so naturally protect the back of her hand ring her waist, one hand firmly pressing her head, as if let go, She would like a stuck dangerous tensions.; had heard the sound of the early cloud meaning that careful, quiet laugh realized what had happened, the face of the leaves from the sudden move, she dared not resist, until you feel startled leaf from the body, struggling to lift her head, and then snow white wins she saw the man’s hand pushed her back lightly tossed away, while the other has not yet had time to let go of her hand, fell heavily to the ground when she Yexia few black hair.; leaves from the tightly shut eyes, redness of the skin between the lips for a moment to make back, pale frightening. “leaves off!” quiet laughter from the injury leaves flutter in the past to find where, but also because of this, she did not see the cloud meaning shaky early look. leaves from inhaling, opened his eyes just to see the cloud quickly wipe the lips of the early Italian blood,; worse, early cloud meaning also . leaves from watching laugh quiet, thin lips slightly parted, Flaring a simple syllable: “Go!” pull his finger into the ground, it seems like he can be repressed pain, let her find. He has no ability to further protect her enemies did not retire,; only one person laughing secluded how to balance the four injured, he can not tolerate the dignity of her own to become a burden. lengleleng quiet laugh. Walking . how could she go! She stubbornly lift leaves from the upper body. Check behind him to injury. Only to see the lining intact. No wounds.; And no blood. curly camel burst into silvery laughter and said: “Do not look for it Chu sister has three needle into the blood can not pull it out of the way !” she thought and said:. “But is not no way, such as ourselves to give They walk with the blood to the heart. touches can be dug out together. ” “Shut up!” thundered quiet laugh. needle into the blood .; martial arts and how people do not understand this hand will be vicious. Into point out. Take life into the veins . . if not a leaf from. Now would be lying on the ground in quiet laugh. Care to fortune tellers. This is how heavy feeling. Hold the leaves off the ground laughing quiet hand.; Whispered:. “Unless sword or knife cut mandrel head Li died on the spot as long as God has left for you to do hard time habitat is not no chance to wait for me” quiet laugh what to do next. Leaves from the ground to the premonition. He grabbed her in hand. Several fell to the ground not far from the eyes drifting respite to black people. It was just quiet laugh when Miaomiao stabbed to save. He pondered a little one asked: ” Have you ever killed anyone.” quiet smile froze for a moment and said:. “.; never afraid but today is an exception to the” leaf from a low voice, “go . you know you can fight another day’s only one person!” a person Laughing quiet puzzled look to the early cloud meaning, his glowing complexion did not flushing properly, he injured What time Man fears open heart, so she secretly laugh at herself, she Yaochun, get rid of all the outdated state of mind,; since resorted drunk shadow magic evening walk, beginning and cloud meaning she had to stand clear demarcation line between the two sides, he did not spot on She took the lead, was difficult, but to have him or without him, the same. “rest assured that their trick can only be used once, then I am a person enough, believe me!;” quiet laugh as star eyes, so that leaves from not say he did not believe . read her stubborn, pale lips ek inspiring smile, “you do not look at my paintings . .” this sentence, stabbed a quiet laugh pains, she is relatively silent.; leaves a trace of leakage from the eyes looking forward, though he still does not know much longer, but deep in his heart, that irrepressible little selfish feelings. He saw the smile secluded dodge eyes, sighing loudly and said: ” Can promise me one thing it” “you say .” “must be intact come back to see my paintings otherwise unfair to me.” deliberately put out leaves from Resentment tone, only in exchange for quiet smile barely smile.; She understood what he meant was that he wanted her to be careful . . finish the sentence, leaves located away from the black needle into a sharp pain in his hand loosened quiet laugh, once again grind twisted beneath the soil. his pain, quiet laugh only watch, but also can not help feel. She can do now,; is to avenge his death, even leaves from escape the robbery, harm his people will certainly continue to do funerary! She clenched pliant, slowly got cold as the rolls. curly quiet laugh drunk on the eve of shadow magic step is fear, but she could not escape, escape the whole plan if exposed flaws. Fills her life on the Lord,; not today, sooner or later will still go back, but she really want to do something based on a multiah . she rushed aside a few black people called wink, smile secluded They ranged rushed to have stepped from the shadow magic evening walk drunk, she first Miaomiao and hold to allow entry from the side leaves for protection. She does not allow any one of them and then go awry, today things she should not have a second time, the enemy is the mercy of their own ruthless!; Phantom free, Fei four flash light, accompanied by a spray of blood . Road quasistationary blade to cut a section of the carotid artery, murder, and as expected, and not how invigorating taste. , Although a senior animal,; but eventually the animals, beasts and compete for the food, human hatred, desire and killing, the same law of the jungle. Hostile stance, not kill is killed. Quiet smile suddenly found out that they can be so cold . one black man tumbling to the ground,; they are forever lost the opportunity to stand up. standing alone in the night wind early cloud meaning, he once again took to the throat pressure fishy sweet, looked to be disseminated into the red dirt, thoughts and general confusion crest of blood, her enemies without mercy, sting His eyes, as if she was his enemy, and she is also such a sword pointed at him She stepped into the killing of this is not so much for their future security,; as it is laid down his life for the leaves tend to side with bloodstained hands from the leaves from the rescue . He thanked her, but he was unbearable and every time she leaves from the eye the eye. Why, was standing beside her . not him . uU book Meng UUTXT.cOm Quanwenzaiban reading second volume Bliss Chapter XIX Incredible Rumour be robbed because of Words: 3722 dozen corpses lying on the ground in disorder, leaving only six rolls of black people in the surrounding guard,; curly look at those corpses, his brow wrinkled up tightly, she is not sorry for them, this is the tool slain it, including her own, too, she did not give those extra pity them, because she had such feelings have no mercy. She frowned,; because around erratic Mirage, let her feel the fear of death, I did not expect to get the killing when the game already, she will fear in the face of death, her own disdain for this, but derived from a share a strong desire to survive. The task is completed, staff sacrificed half, this time back,; back was reasonable, but now she can get out One thousand spider has been around for a glimpse of the secret smile gone quiet usefulness, not to mention that she could not see where the deity quiet laugh, unable to attack, do not know the direction from which to escape. smiled and looked gone quiet arrogance curly, sneer float, instant black people only remaining six have two dead on the ground. Curly secretly told myself calm,; quiet laugh certainly put her in the final settlement, she has time. Her hands clasp a needles, cold metal cover her temperature has been too warm. Can not find quiet laugh does not matter, it will deliver not necessarily have to attack targeting its vital body, the heart of the key is the most lethal. Curly stretch brow, and then show brilliant smile,; she deliberately left hand raised, so that could be seen laughing secluded hidden weapon in her hands. dark laugh and said: dying it. Unexpectedly, no needles curly hair to her or any of a phantom, dense rain fly to distant lightning Yinmang Miaomiao fallen. Hate curly dark laugh again while on Miaomiao shot, had turned back to save. Rolls do not care do not save save get quiet laugh,; jump volley north west, while she thought succeed, the immediate shadow flash, cloud meaning early closure of her way. Two moments in the air on a threepalm, curly forced falls to the ground, his eyes beginning to see the clouds bitterly Italy, this delay, give all her previous singlehandedly scrapped.; early cloud meaning and curly fight, the interest would have been forced once again to calm the chaos, he could not stop coughing cover lips, fingers down red blood spill. curly cloud conditions intended to see early, cursed who defied orders to cloud meaning early injury suffered such a heavy, she even went back, and how to account to the Lord on . but perhaps not confessed,; she hear screams behind four, and finally her turn. her hand a lancet, which left her own knife, escape death, she also only allowed to die in their hands. Just when she was ready to end their lives with eyes closed, she heard the cries of balls. “curly!;” suddenly opened her eyes and looked at her gallop of balls, ten years old, he is also the patron saint of this as like coming at her side. quiet laugh result of black people during the last four rushing balls with another group of black people has quickly cover your rolls. Cloud Italy and several of them are early fight between dodge extremely embarrassed. Sphere quiet laugh to see the emergence of a chill through the entire body, distract them must be the steward Liu et al Sphere, now these people in here, so Liu steward them Then she saw a cloud meaning the beginning of the dilemma,; Wojian hand tightened joints are clear to every one of her struggle, nothing that she could not watch him die, even saved him, he will be himself crossed swords cloud intended to bypass a black man in the beginning of the blade, his movements become extremely slow because of injuries, was chest cut open robe, an embroidered silver python blue side of the tips from her fall to the ground . His eyes were riveted on the kit, I do not know come from a wave of energy burst open a few people’s blade,; hand pick, completely ignored the attack behind them. bite, blade staggered echo sounded, meaning early cloud just snap your fingers

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There are push back the black people, but to make them even more ferocious attack, one of them hit the window sound whistle,; and immediately flew a few shadows, only three measures, laughing quiet and cautious invariably leaves from behind stormed the these people, martial arts ones strange and unpredictable, apparently stronger than the original five people on more than doubled. meanwhile, came downstairs again and the sound of fighting, just listen to the cloud meaning early 急喊 loudly: “! entries allowed.;” quiet laugh surprised . if not allowed entry into trouble early cloud never intended to contain themselves in the end so what . items allowed . hurt . still . she not want to go, sometimes imagine Seeing more terrible than . she must go and see! Black people’s hidden weapon should have been exhausted,; but they passively a pedestrian is divided to two, upstairs 11 people attacked them early cloud meaning how many people there, she was not sure, but these are not clear all, if there are black people reinforcements, today it is inevitable that a bloody battle . she leaves off and punched a wink Miao, three feint a move while jumping window, followed by a congregation of black people out of the battlefield moved to campuswide,; the beginning of the cloud is intended to hear the ring, has singlehandedly dragged coma items allowed in one hand and holding a long knife Kankan wins to withstand attacks in all directions, he begins to move to the courtyard, swords staggered, he could not even point at her to see whether God unharmed. Offensive and defensive, and his deep doubts in my mind that today’s raid seems to come at him and, if so, why black people almost equal Bingfen two For a quiet laugh from,; why spend more than half of the troops to stall him Yes, holding . moves to attack his black people have reservations, but he clenched tightly, clearly did not want to because of what Qutaxingming, and let him and smiled quiet, leaves from the confluence. For items allowed, they pour a little under no pain killers .; reserved exactly why! darkening down, as if unwilling to witness this scene. Quiet smile looked lost consciousness and fatigue allowed entry parry cloud meaning early burst of foreboding diffuse cloth off . u      B uutXt. com Quanwenziban Guangdong ditch Volume II Chapter XVI God’s irresistible Bliss Words: 3603 war continues, dodging little distant figure to see another loss of two black people, mouth Qingchi said: “! useless,;” she pulled fivesided fourcolor prayer flags from the arms, hands Yang , swift prayer flag flying, were inserted in the distant ground five points, including a quiet laugh in front in seven steps away. Hidden Mountain Front . a congregation of black people not delay, move quickly according to the orientation of prayer flags, but for a moment,; formation has become, curly volley leap and landed on the southeast array biased position. effort in their lineup, meaning clouds finally allowed early entry with laughter holding them together in a secluded. Xiang Yun think is very heavy internal injuries, although in a coma, but his face looks no less painful. quiet laugh eyes leave the enemy, calmly told Miao said:.; “Miao Miao, allowing you to take care of items.” Miaomiao wheezing breath, repeated battle she has bad air force, plus endure a few palm, now can stand here, relies entirely on the spirit propped than items allowed her to hurt or lighter. She heard laughter quiet command, and looked a bit sad,; but she knows now is not the time to try to be brave, and cover your own entries allowed, the only help that she is now doing quiet laugh. She took over from the early Italian term cloud Yun, laughing secluded retreat behind at half a meter, perhaps let down, his chest was deliberately ignored the pain, waves of invasion from, legs and soft,; she and items allowed along the ground. quiet nervous laugh back, Miaomiao Bangui up, barely a chuckle:. “not for me to distraction, Gezhu careful” Italy, and leaves from the beginning of the cloud looked encircled enemy, a man stationed in a corner, with a quiet laugh equilateral triangle standing,; Miao and items allowed to be protected in the middle. items Yun did not die, leaves from the cloud with no injuries early Italy, the three cohandedly, if not completely destroyed black people, at least two wounded by life insurance should be more than enough, and perhaps not be long before people will come back mystery floor , laugh a little quiet weigh the situation, just sit in mind,; she looked at the lineup of command, although other masked, but that figure, she should not be mistaken! Leaves from the beginning of the cloud meaning also noticed rolls, a cheeky doubt, a frown. assassination of a street, a massive raid premeditated,; laughing curly quiet no longer underestimate this character, she looked cold rolls and said: “This is the second time that I do not have any grudges” curly look the other recognized himself, ripped hats thrown aside, smiled and replied: “! sister eyesight nice, what do recognize me,” one laughing, avoiding the problems quiet laugh. She no longer laugh chance to ask questions of quiet,; whistled across, short of breath, twenty black people heard the foot to move up immediately, fighting breaks out, just do not seem like a confusing wave of black people stormed three key , it seems like not life, another call to resist the use of three plug gap replacement quiet laugh again stuck in a passive position, etc.,; although fierce attack black people, but each person into the body but 35 strokes was replacing to these people’s quality of lives of three people want to damage their chance to move within three to five very dangerous. cloud intended to withstand more than a dozen rounds early after the attack, thought: this continues, it becomes a war of attrition, the other twentyone, they have only three, the obvious disadvantage. The only way to break the status quo is to make black people once again become a mess.; laugh secluded and away against the law leaves little is known. Italian troops early cloud was alone for many years. Slightly through twelve. Note that the cloud meaning early pace at the foot of the black people and replace people. Law laid hold long while. He raised an eyebrow. Who seems to want to break from the pawn is impossible. But all the matrix method. Whether it is composed of a dozen people or hundreds of thousands.; Are essential front eye. The presence of leading global array of eye ground. Breaking the matrix method is broken. This array is very likely that the eye rolls. wanted to break through the layers of clouds hampered the early Italian. Watch rolls. But the three already constituted to protect the weak. Missing him again this iceberg. Miao ground around them and leaves from doomed.; Not Watch. There is another way. Is to let the front eye can not send Directive. Enemy from chaos. They will be able to erase a few pieces pawn lead matrix method completely destroyed. Rolls can not say anything. Do not use prayer flags. How did she give orders to Overwhelmed attack rolls so that he can not pause to observe. Quiet laugh with him and leaves from the general situation.; He looked quiet laugh look. Such a delay would have guessed she was ready. Wash jiange to wait until reinforcements back. He smiled. Quiet smile never doubted his way smart. But she eventually naive. Experience. Sometimes more important than the ability to. Enemy cloth careful planning.; How would not let her smug! and regardless of how long they can to the defense. He was never a passive stand to style! Count on help. It is better to count on yourself to something. Right now only able to stare curly Miaomiao it. Meaning a little early cloud pondered. Acoustic into the secret of the Miao said:. “Miao Miao is also can make it” Miaomiao be concerned about the safety of quiet laughter.; No meditation pranayama. Physical fatigue on the ground. His eyes did not leave a quiet laugh about. Cloud is intended to hear asked her surprise after the beginning of “ah” sound answer. For now she is talking in terms of energyconsuming to do. “Miaomiao three of us can not be distracted. matrix method is extremely rigorous and we could only parry no room for offensive ground and now only you can help me to be directing the whole array of changes that rolls you need to do to is Dingsi her. issuing the order to find out her method. anything unusual or found her behavior.; immediately told me. ” Miaomiao heard. Lock the unblinking eye rolls. Help to laugh a little quiet. She may be able to at least some of the blame. She was sent to Tianmenshan moment. Has vowed to protect laugh secluded life. However, before a crisis.; But upside down. Face guard in front of the quiet laugh. Her guilt. Sad. So quick to take her to feel torn to pieces! curly feel Miaomiao eyes, looking back over his eyes reveals a sort of intention to kill, she smiled playfully punch Miao, seemed to ask: What do you look at me Miaomiao on her face inconsistent with blind eyes,; eyes unwavering half an inch. But after a long time, she did not see any action rolls, wondering when the cloud is intended to determine the beginning of the heart, and suddenly there is a little light across the night, at twilight disappears, black people standing siege and immediately transform sequence to laugh quiet side. Bright . dead pigeons .; Miaomiao remembered the wind white home scene, red cloud meaning early shouted: “!! Needles are needles,” though she is shouting, but it sounded very weak. cloud suddenly beginning to comprehend meaning, they do not have spare time to pay attention to a needle, but several times more than their black people there.; Orientation and practices should be fired needles indication is the key. But how to break! With . unless he glanced away leaves, to dispel the impulse, heart meditation: Unless otherwise can not be dead . . where is my last Yiping . curly hear the word export Miao needles,; more brilliant smile, perhaps only balls in the world to know, the more sweet when she laughed, the more a person will die miserable. No wonder no longer concerned Miaomiao quiet laugh, turned out to be so! The method of exposure, curly leaf looked wistfully away, and then they look to the beginning of the cloud meaning,; the man let her have a trace of fear, and it was his original plan to disrupt and end a try that night, she Because the cloud is intended to spy on stream early Sang’s sake, right leg suffered light injuries, but he did not expect today’s lively, it has not seen signs of injury, so although she arranged the attack everyone, but mainly for the cloud meaning early. She does not understand why the lord ordered says: Do not take the cloud meaning early life,; when necessary, by a small injury harmless. Who brought her strictly under the cloud meaning early desperately afraid, do not fight, with strong early cloud meaning, how they got hurt him Not hurt early cloud meaning, it can not be said foolproof plan. How do . then maybe later on it will come up with another way early cloud meaning that called Miaomiao blame .; damn girl, she still had a lot of time, angered that she has only one end, dead! hands of a curly needles, light twisted into a fan, I saw that she almost did not move the wrist, a silver needle has been exhaustively Ben Miao away. Facing curly quiet laugh because,; first found helpless in front of three black people perfect match, regardless of whether the rescue if Miaomiao, fall will be her own, and now Miaomiao has no resistance, It felt like a moment of quiet laugh over charcoal suffering, eternal moment is longer than even the times! Her two rows of white teeth tightly even, should the cloud is not here meaning the beginning, she did not hesitate,; the key is that he happens to close, save Miaomiao . identity will expose! She can not imagine what would lead to consequences. Ascension taste, she finally tried . needles then spread in the air, pointing to his eyes and the various reMiao , laughing dark curly vicious hate,; if in the middle of this holding needles, Miaomiao eyes and limbs instantly that waste! If, for the other person, not drastic quiet laugh, but that person is Miaomiao! Is accompanied with her for many years, from morning till evening Miaomiao ah! She can not!; Miaomiao not fall in their own eyes watching! the last minute, I saw a few black people laughing in front of the quiet figure flash, ghostly suddenly disappear, followed by a quiet smile into a quiet laugh at them dozens of hit, the next horror, they are struggling to resist, cut past but had stuck the blade in the air, Choudao back,; Phantom is still intact. took a quiet laugh Miao ready to die in the nick of time, needles rain, every no into the ground. Several black people Canhu then fell to the ground, curly matrix method was temporarily disrupted, all black people moved away a few meters vigilant, waiting for redeployment curly. Drunk stopped laughing quiet evening shadow magic step,; hand held onto the Miao, one hand on the rejection of blood to the sword, red liquid dripping into the mud, laughing quiet Wojian hand, slowly move the final point rolls, Jian Qi Senhan, she did not say anything, let the eyes of the intention to kill the body rolls slightly shaking a bit. rolls quickly to stop this kind of fear,; she wanted to come in battle since the age of six years, a quiet laugh today because how can use this degree . no eyes her plan, the first such failure, Too many accidents followed, meaning early first cloud is now hidden Chu quiet laugh! She seemed to see the disappointment in the eyes of the main . not! Life,; can house! Defeat, she never allowed! At this point the two sides into a confrontation Bureau, no one light moving, laughing and guessing alert secluded ignore each other’s eyes, and turned to look directly at the beginning of the petrochemical cloud has meaning . he knew . .; Barilla Chen miscellaneous, quiet laugh at his face, suddenly remembered the phrase:. “do not envy the happy couple Amphibious Butterfly” beautiful words, this time into Italian with acid sarcasm . Now, he will never again tenderness sections painted remembered her right . God . a raid persuade her restless heart,; perhaps robbery is also fortunate. excellent U   Moe UutxT. COM, then the whole mosquito Xiang acres Volume II Chapter XVII clear demarcation line between Bliss Words: 2596 turned out really early . after she agreed to get back Zhajian drunk cloud shadow magic soul fugue day eve step outside, seems to be a very long time, his mind just went blank, smile to slow gesture presentation, His lips slightly curved to see how indelible trace of bitterness.; he looked up to heaven, can not see his eyes watch intently quiet laugh, crescent hanging in the blue sky, laughing at the mortal world beings. In fact, he knew, is not it But he does not want to admit my heart worst guess. Tianmenshan maze, carefully hiding her hatred.; conceal her real surname, casually out of the “discipline quiet” word, Ji quiet, smoke . Ji Ling Chu quiet laugh, laughing children . Chu not find the man in brown foundation suddenly disappear, Tantai Qin, wash jiange .; his feelings with her game, she is no reason to panic to escape, escape revealed her fears. still the only time he tempted, he called her: Chu Ming smoke, only two streets, his voice with internal forces sent her straight ears, but she obviously hear a trace of reaction are not real, just trying to hide something,; he answered the heart of the question. him everything together in series, and waved to wipe away, he would not want, do not want to face, but now he understands that already does not allow him to continue to play the fool, he can forget about the appearance of her childhood, old girl strange footwork, he will not remember how.; This point, he knows she is more clearly than he. So even today the situation is so desperate, she chose to wait, wait perhaps already in the trap of the enemy reinforcements. drunk leaving the shadow magic evening, when the Phantom scattered, he has to understand that she reveal the identity of the mystery, but also cut him with her in the future.; Causal loop, retribution of sorts, he was ordered to kill her, then he would never thought I would be able to extricate themselves in love with her, and the debt is past life, or this world of sin, a moment of time, he only felt marshes . sounded dust.; “If you do not know . if . did not happen,” he seems incoherent half of the sentence, only she can understand. quiet laugh lips tightly pursed, eyes cast a mist of tears, she was stunned to see the finger on a transparent liquid, why the tears Strange .; really strange . because he retrace waterway scene He were drunk with her birthday His style white dinner under a large crowd of affection He insisted gift hairpin stubborn Regardless of whether he broke the persistent fog Tea Garden He deviated from hearts of stone Or . he described her real voice and face reminding us of scenes, and that one . do not envy the happy couple Amphibious butterfly . along the way. She could not count them all are obliterated. But she also can not forget to be this man. Tobacco is a death sentence for one sector which Chu Chi Ming and Ling,; this person. Worked in that bloody night. Said with a smile. Even this girl killed it. Grind to kill in cold blood just coming to life is a cook to feed their families to animals, this person. Qin harm TANTAI lost one arm, this person. So that she could not escape the nightmare fright before the age of nine,; this person. Ambition for power on the world to never disappeared . her to tears. Disappear from the fingers in the air. Cloud beginning to see real meaning. Drop. Only a drop. Let all the air moist ground dried up. He suddenly had an impulse.; As long as she is willing to forget the past. He would rather give up everything. But the urge to just emerge out of his eyes a moment . a courtly, Jin Pao jade to man. In crossexamination he seemed. Did you forget his promise Shimoji promise He clenched his fists. He can not . do not .; he still owes a person to life. Carrying a person to hatred. And Health

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Worried that baby girl, as well worry about yourself. This drug is called ‘no blades of grass’, only useful for people affected by the trauma, a decade later, then you are useless. Less advise you to exercise our powers, but also more likely to drag a few days.; “He received a laugh, turned around to see purple boy said:” This person has been no different with the dead, no blade of grass, although powerful, but the ills that within the hour, the poisoning of a multiple skill upgrading and then slowly erode, masters brisk walking, no longer with him today, those firms.; ” purple boy looked Shangguan ended, and glanced TANTAI Qin and quiet smile, showing a trace of unwilling, worth mentioning, then wait ten days, the two men escape his palms, is preparing to leave, a strange boy soundtrack the anger, the crowd exploded ear: “You must kill Ni sister,; I want you to give her burial!” come a purple boy looks younger than some of the kids, a pair of fawnlike eyes full is pain, look furious, voice hardly ever, ending his nearest Shangguan has been killed beat. purple boy frowned and said: “Here comes a mad dog.” Seeing TANTAI Qin proximity over here do not wish to struggle with the Church Shuangsha several prance hidden deep in the night. quiet laugh to see the purple boy away,; the strange child want to go to TANTAI Qin attack, shouted: “! Little brother is just that purple dress to kill Mo Ni sister even kill us.” TANTAI Qin heard a slight frown, laugh TANTAI Qin went quiet around, pulled his clothes, almost inaudible softly said: ” acknowledged how these children can also kill it,” Dan Taiwan Qin startled, sip a Minchun,; swallow the upcoming export words. teenager watching quiet laugh, seems like to differentiate genuine from her face, eyes calm quiet laugh with them in the eye. Junior partial beginning, clenched his fist and said: “That purple clothes thief would not look good Ni sister, leaves from will help you to take revenge!.” Having three teenagers wanted to chase purple.; laugh dark thought: the children of this world, really crazy, but in the end was a kid, easy to fool. Mouth but said: “martial arts that purple dress is not weak, two guard also powerful enough, say they’ve gone away, you can not catch, compared to those who settle Ni sister’s body is more important,; you bear watching She violence dead here yet ” boy heard really stop the pace, walked beside the corpse Mo Ni, a pair of crying Yuqi expression. bear quiet laugh, softly asked: ” need help it.” boy did not look up, muffled simply said: “Do not.” to a bottle fly TANTAI Qin:. “can not detoxification,; but most of the poison can suppress the proliferation of the world” Having the body gently Mo Ni picking up, even that is not significantly difficult, he did not look at the two one, leaving silence. everything reverted silence, TANTAI Qin tried to exercise our powers Bidu, “no blade of grass” toxicity is very strange, looming, the more we want to toxins fingertips together and then forced to go,; the more rapid spread of the toxin. Helpless, he had to temporarily give up, took the boy to leave the bottle open sniffed a dose. He knows what it is medicine, Mo Ni also carry, is the man of the unique secret. Mo Ni thought, my heart is a pain .; wait for it to calm down the pain, he looks dignified, a group of men approaching . He listened for a moment after the peace of mind down, not the pursuers, is “he” came .  n quiet book Meng uUtxT. COm interpretation grain from Sakamoto read more vol wrong Bureau Chapter VI starry line Words: 4383 “A heavy.” TANTAI Qin Wang southeast,; float a trace of smile. laugh quiet down his eyes and looked, a bookish young man with a very strong forward them galloping white Choushan eyecatching in the night. Jiang heavy ten meters away from the two to stop, look bland colors. Until TANTAI Qin and low Huanliaoyisheng:. “A heavy,” he reluctantly shook his head, slowly approached,; respectful obeisance. “Gezhu!” TANTAI Qin slight frown: “Every time you blame me, these rules Laus son out on the whole.” heavy river rise, laughing secluded left speechless, good weight grievances . “under unfavorable primary care, especially to collar penalty.;” TANTAI Qin chuckle: “Like last impunity you kneel” “Gezhu impunity A heavy weight to die but to A apology Gezhu plume within the country if there is good and bad, you do not get involved, three heavy dark Lord will not let A Happy died of.” “I understand .” TANTAI Qin lack some confidence. “Yes ah! you understand! promised A re you forget what want to repeat it” “I remember . this was an accident.;” “Yes ah! accident! you accidentally grab from a group of wild beasts in the little goblins out. gathering place for which there is a good mess landlord Even given the mess, why alone lives at risk” Jiang heavily speak simultaneously severely cut out a quiet laugh. “. A heavy . because I did not intend to save the .” river heavily stunned for a moment.; Croon soon be temporarily spared TANTAI Qin. Hand pool. TANTAI Qin knowing. Obediently handed left hand. Jiang heavy Momen three fingers to catch him. Attending a moment to jump about pacing. “Finished finished, this time through a really dead!” TANTAI Qin heard a dark look.; If you are not even A solution of this important drug. Fear is . he laughed loudly and said strong:. “It does not matter scrap waste is not there you have it just A heavy drug should not be ordered to hurt my shoulder after they split up do not just luck treatment . ” quiet laugh to hear him say so. Nervously grabbed him in hand. Guilt, worry, distressed,; and no way to express. Jiang heavy togethers, “I am surprised how you are in the ‘no blades of grass’, you have Gangqi body care, who is so big and durable knife can hurt you This is not you did not .” He awareness camel Look to laugh quiet, this one eye like a knife, life in the secluded heart drew a laugh for a long time are hard to heal the hole. TANTAI Qin gently sigh,; he knew A retemper, the more partial to laugh secluded, A weight will be more angry after Zhibuding how things difficult for her, he kept silent anti secluded pair of hands holding laugh, generous palm because Perennial Wojian, leaving a thick layer of cocoon, quiet smile touching his rough hands, we should strive to hold back the tears welling stomach. Yuehua Jian,; twenty or thirty people also went to the back of the ferry, Jiang Qin heavily abridged TANTAI wounds bandaged, the smile of a middleaged man holding a secluded threw himself helped launched the TANTAI Qin, told: “The first back to Kofu. quit five people left the word, give me tailed off near three mice. ” quiet laugh already very tired, huddled in a quiet middleaged man’s arms, his eyes did not leave TANTAI Qin moment around.; At least now safe . she wore came from ten hours now, however, I feel as long as a decade. She looked at his back, his thoughts waves, what he will become a basket case Will not! He must be a way . if .; . poison in case the solution can not, on for her to protect him! She becomes stronger, she will adapt to life here! Sure! Yes, they call him . Gezhu .; A weight on the words and deeds of view, is not a small organization, why he looks so unconventional it TANTAI Qin, how much you really dark secret . horse rhythmic run, like a child’s cradle, no longer withstand the quiet laughter swept through weariness, slowly close your eyes curtain . laugh secluded woke up in the afternoon,; to be exact, she was hungry and wake up. She stared at the sky blue curtains look two seconds, then gaze firmly locked on the table looks very delicious meals, and mixed climbing out of bed and went straight to the table. Zither Jiang sent numerous secluded little girl to take care of laughs, the first moment she opened the door to see this pair of images, disheveled laugh too quiet because of stature, knelt on the bench,; two and a foie gras shine in fierce fighting, two bare feet, toes well paced a stretched. secluded see someone laughing, difficulty swallowing mouth full of food, red Zither smiled sheepishly. Zither looked at the dish, looked quiet laugh, feet and shouted: “!; Miss it is cold, you first wash, eat hot to be slaves.” “do not have do not have, I’ve had enough.” quiet laugh is unclear why, anyway, heard the sound of “Miss” “slaves” and immediately full. “So,; wait slaves first lady hair dressing.” smiled and nodded quiet and wellbehaved, multiply rapidly and Zither combing the moment seven cooked mix, heavy on the river and TANTAI Qin also understand the relationship a little. This Kofu up and down, in addition to heavy river grandfather, including servants included, are all TANTAI Qin subordinates. Jiang heavy longer than medicine,; never get married, and although Tantai Qin master and servant, but the situation with the brothers. “No! Nowadays non ‘blood pool’ complementary not Sida, there are a few herbs grown only Tianmen, immediately after picking was melting. Tomorrow you must leave, you can not ride a horse,; ride less have fifteen Day! when “laughed one quiet lake blue skirt Qiaosheng Sheng opened the door, they heard a roaring sound like heavy river. not far from the pavilion, TANTAI half leaning on the arm pillow Qin Ting Zhu, Chongjiang heavy chuckle, Jiang heavily male color glaring look of resentment that people laugh clear cloud. “But A heavy, white wind only made once every nine years living off the melancholy memo,; this time to miss, it’s also nine, then I fear that wine stomach worms have died of thirst. seven days, I vowed after seven days must leave. ” Jiang heavy darker complexion, hesitated for a long time and finally said:. “Brother, ‘No blades of grass’ is not only a waste of your skill so simple for many years called useless .; is damaged tendons and all the really useless . . do not want to tell you, but I do not say to your temper will secretly throw off we went home wins wind white wine. Big Brother! you are carrying is to blame me I live it! ” quiet laugh leaning door, such as lightning . really wreck .; disability Paralysis “A serious, honest and told me how much you have to grasp.” Jiang heavy bow a moment, Su Rong replied:. “Less than three percent if you wait another seven days to leave, but . even the gods can not put the success, I’m afraid we can only keep your skill up and down two percent” TANTAI Qin was going to speak, you laughed quiet eyes were red ground ran toward into his arms,; sobbing, said: “In fact, I know . ‘broken Cang volume’ . swing ancient peak . I know take me enchant antidote! ” TANTAI Qin Jiang moved to heavily on the visual one. Laughing quiet rise, continued: “When you detoxified,; do not forget to grab people put me back . I will try to live to the day you come and save me.” river hung heavily watched her face seems a little soon parting look . Puchi laugh:. “This girl, but added that the mother than her heavy brotherhood.” “A heavy!” TANTAI Qin eyes sank, heavy feeding into the river mouth shut.; turned quiet laugh, a pair of red rabbit eyes glared heavy Jiang: “What are you laughing, it was decided to blame men face I thought of!!” blame men face Jiang face heavy black line. After a moment he reached out and patted the shoulder quiet laugh and said:. “If there is an antidote, no matter big brother will not blame me, I had to take you enchant a Shangguan only reason that finally put the poison because he himself had Jianshang,; and ‘no grass roots’ from the beginning of the preparation, there is no antidote. ” laugh quiet silence, TANTAI Qin relieved smile, hold her sitting legs: “! A heavy wind white wine home, I’ll wait for nine years now.” next day is unknown, the river has numerous players with ten carefully selected hugged a carriage rushed starry country,; car, TANTAI Qin accidentally quiet smile still asleep in his arms, her profile, resembles Ling smoke, this girl, he can not let go of it more and more, ordinaryyearold child, have the courage to take the antidote to exchange myself What I am afraid that even the kindness that have little knowledge of it . if not in love with Chu Ling smoke circles that jiange spend with him in the wash,; then at least now you can live very calm . and he might also have a quiet and laugh He generally lovely daughter . sigh, do not always want to forget the original trace had faded. Wash jiange, Ling failed to keep the smoke that place, he soon back . rushing full 14 days, they finally arrived at the border town starry country alone clothing.; Along the way, numerous arrangements under the river very smoothly, no one can be happy together. Although the bottle of elixir needles and leaves from the heavy river sent, Tantai Qin poison finally losing control, began to attack. Quiet laughter can not swallow food, sleep is not safe, Jiang heavy bookish also gone,; covered his eyes bloodshot, like a wolf ready to bite at any time until his face before entering the city alone clothing eased somewhat. A pedestrian travelstained clothing straight to the city’s largest independent inn, Swiss and poly. Swiss cohesion and treasurer already have a letter, personally TANTAI Qin et al welcomed into the most secluded inn winter homes. Jiang heavy winking, accompanied by several guards immediately winter homes inside and out a thorough search, make sure that no unauthorized persons in the vicinity of the river heavily upon their quiet laugh a pill for that shopkeeper said: ” the rest to you,; more than the old. ” “rest assured that tomorrow, winter homes twelve passengers to bring a child will go to a lot of Chu City.” heavy Jiang nodded, took a deep breath, leaning TANTAI Qin jumped into the courtyard of the wells. laugh after quiet surprised react quickly to swallow pills, learn like heavy river deep breath, followed by a bodyguard picked up,; jumped into the well. icy well water, the guards grabbed been quiet laugh dive to the bottom, pull the hoop on the wall, a diameter of about one meter hole slowly opened until two pass itself off immediately. When laughter is the man pulling force secluded swim forward, quickly closing could not breathe, Gulp Helehaoji saliva until she felt she would be drowned in the waterways, crashed,; she was out of the water, fresh lobes while filling the air, she saw sitting next to the cliff by the TANTAI Qin relieved face. laugh fierce cough quiet for a while first, before slowly along through the air to marvel, even through the waterways of this open cave. She led the pull lips, steering is helping TANTAI Qin Jiang heavy exercise our powers drying wet clothes and said: “I thought you were really so God could invent drugs can breathe underwater, just drowning when I just want to gather a lifetime of resentment,; you say five words ! you this quack. ” TANTAI bow Ren Xiao Qin, Jiang heavy look weird, shook lip Biechu: “! really make you chill invaded the bone, sick shortlived.” “Well, laughing children,; do not embarrass A heavy, which is a necessary gateway to wash jiange place, is the only one path.” TANTAI Qin pointed up the guards dragged quiet smile, said: “If you are really dangerous , in the water for you crossing the South scold gas. ” quiet a stiff smile, and cough a few times, his left hand over his lips subconsciously,; good insurance . her first kiss was almost ruined unclear. So thinking, eye wind unconsciously drifting TANTAI Qin. Jiang looked at her thoughtfully looks heavy and one white and one red in the face, and that two of constantly blinking gently feather fan, do not understand what she was thinking, and ultimately come to a conclusion: “Women are the same regardless of the size of trouble. ” After were all in attendance,; they entered a cave labyrinth composed of left and right to wear around until you see a meandering ribbonlike endless as stone staircase. By only allow two parallel stone staircase, next to no fence, higher up you go, the more I fear when looking down and laughing secluded feel, with temperatures falling. about an hour in the past, TANTAI Qin will laugh secluded pulled around the left hand gently over her eyes. Shimen quiet laugh to hear the sound of moving heavy friction,; Jisi dazzling light leakage coming from TANTAI Qin fingers, slowly adapt after she pulled his hand . Xuefeng extremely warm and the same color silver, stimulus the senses, too pure blue sky, as if to reach out and touch her . deep breath, stay in the air with a sweet tongue, and then she heard him say: “Laughing children,; we’re home .” excellent U    B UUtxt. CoM whole grain board Cantonese word ditch vol wrong Bureau of Chapter VII Ho Words: 3248 wait . never tried quiet laugh so intolerable wait. She sat extremely cliff edge, watching a group of birds flying from her almost that long, elegant neck birds, hang glide wings and silver showing faint compared to the thrill of climbing a light gray, just a similar color ,; her eyes and shaking that wearing a light gray cotton clothes, like a god man. Birds of a clear cry cry, to laugh at the direction of the side of the quiet side head, with a little arrogant. Haughty laugh secluded red bird birds gently smile, she remembered was looking at that distant world